THE INNOCENT is a satisfying thriller

The Innocent cover

What I’m Reading

 Just finished reading The Innocent (2012) by David Baldacci.

 Baldacci is a best-selling author whose work I hadn’t read before this book.  I read a lot, in all genres, not just horror, and there are so many authors out there, it’s impossible to keep up on everyone, and so more often than not I’m reading someone who I hadn’t read before, like Baldacci this week.

 The Innocent is a thriller about an assassin Will Robie who works for the U.S. government.  Robie befriends a precocious 14 year-old girl named Julie whose parents were murdered, and Robie believes their deaths are somehow tied to the unknown threat that is trying to kill him.

 Robie and Julie team up with FBI agent Nicole Vance, and the three of them match wits with a clandestine foe who seems to have moles inside every branch of the U.S. intelligence and law enforcement communities.

 I really enjoyed The Innocent and found it to be a real page-turner.  Will Robie is a likeable hero, an unstoppable assassin with catlike instincts.  I could see him being played in a movie by Jason Statham.  Julie, young, cocky and street-smart, was also a likeable character, and now that I’ve brought up the movie casting, I could easily see Chloe-Grace Moretz in the role.

 It’s also a quick read, and you’ll want to keep reading once you reach the end of each chapter.  And the chapters are short, which make them even easier to fly through.

 If I have any complaints it’s that it loses steam somewhat towards the end, as its plot becomes more and more convoluted.  I also would have preferred a bad guy who appeared out in the open, someone who could have gone up against Robie more directly, as opposed to a mysterious unknown shadow of a villain whose identity isn’t revealed until the end.

 Still, all in all, The Innocent is a very satisfying thriller that I highly recommend.


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