Latest short story “Death Takes The Phantom” now available!

The cover of DARK MOON DIGEST Issue #10

The cover of DARK MOON DIGEST Issue #10


 My latest short story is now available to read.

 “Death Takes the Phantom,” by yours truly, is now available in DARK MOON DIGEST Issue Number 10, a handsome looking publication with a creepy cover. 

 “Death Takes the Phantom” is a tale of two beings who broker a deal involving the fates of Lon Chaney Sr. and Bela Lugosi. I had a fun time writing this one, as I played with some facts which connected the fates of these two horror legends of yesteryear.

 DARK MOON DIGEST Issue Number 10 is now available for sale at as well as at major online bookstores including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.  It’s offered as both a print edition as well as an e-publication version, the latter of which comes in both Kindle and Nook formats.

 It sells for $7.95 for the print edition and $2.99 for the e-publication version.

 There are a lot of cool stories in this issue in addition to mine, and I have to say right off the bat that author Christopher Hivner has the best title in the book.  His short story, which kicks off the issue, is entitled “Death Is An Asshole.”  You can’t get much more direct than that.


 Michael Arruda


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